Screaming Snow Cone

This morning I stumbled across one of those silly posts that lists crazy words for you to construct the name of your "summer cocktail."  It asks you to line up your first initial with one word on the list and the second word is based on the month you were born. Ya got me Beaty Brite, my summer cocktail name is Screaming Snow Cone. I must say,  I'm super pumped that the second word was Snow Cone and not something else. :)

When I was in my early twenties living in Delaware, my friends and I would head to the beach during the day and the bar at night to dance the night away.  We'd order a Pink Lemonade if we wanted something that wasn't too strong and an Orange Crush when we had a DD.  Side note: an Orange Crush is legit - just sayin'.  If you're ever at the beaches in Delaware, be sure to stop by any of the bars or restaurants to get one.  I believe the original concoction was developed at The Lighthouse Dewey Beach, but it was soo good that all the other places caught on. Anyway, now-a-days, I don't necessarily have a cocktail of choice - I switch it up depending on where I'm at, who I'm with and what I'm in the mood for.  But simply put, now that I'm in my 30s, my "go-to" drink is:  mimosas in the summer and red wine in the winter months.  I most definitely prefer red wine though -- pinot noir to be exact.

In 2011, my wine palate broadened when I met Tawnya and Vegas Wine Club commenced.  While our husbands worked odd hours, we held a monthly Wine Club so we didn't have to cook and eat alone.  Each month, we followed The Wine Club book.
One of us would volunteer as hostess by cooking a nice supper and the rest of the us brought a bottle of wine to share.  We covered each bottle with aluminum foil and numbered each one.  We would haphazardly write notes about the taste of each wine and all-in-all we'd have a wonderful night.  As we got to know one another, whether it was WC or not, drinking wine became the norm for us.  Seriously, if there wasn't a half-empty or empty bottle on the dining table or somewhere in the kitchen -- something was wrong.  Some of my best memories of living in Vegas, were with those ladies. :)

Fast forward four years...
I've been living in a communal residence that doesn't allow adult beverages. None, zip, zilch. And no, for those of you who don't know me, I'm NOT in rehab. :)  My husband and I are temporarily living in our own room in a huge ADA accessible house until he is medically boarded out of the military.

After five months of living here, my friend Carlie traveled by air and Tawnya drove 4+ hours to visit.  Carlie brought her four month old son and husband in tow and Tawnya brought her husband and several bottles of wine. The morning after they arrived,  I woke up with a smile on my face; not because it was Valentine's Day or that I had several glasses of wine the night before, but because two of my awesome girlfriends traveled great distances just to visit me (oh and my husband too).

After being cooped up in the communal house for months on end, it was a breath of fresh air having those ladies visit me.  I honestly just craved their friendship and genuine conversation. Don't get me wrong, I miss my Wine Club days, but most of all I just miss my girlfriends.  You all know who you are and please know that as soon as we're able -- we need to schedule a trip to wine country so we can broaden our wine palates even more. :) But in the meantime, here are some tasty sounding summer wine cocktails to hold you over...