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Do any of my lady readers try on multiple outfits before picking the perfect one to wear?  I swear my bed and closet look like a tornado hit them whenever I'm deciding on an outfit to wear.  One month ago, I switched from scrubs to business casual five days a week and it's gotten even worse!  Don't get me wrong, it's GREAT wearing "normal people clothes" to work, but it's not fun when you need to a) look professional for eight hours and b) be comfortable.

I had the same problem when we were living in Texas this past year.  I had to wear "normal people clothes" five days a week for all of the appointments and errands we ran and was having trouble deciding on outfits to wear.  After talking about capsule wardrobe with my friend and sister, I decided to at least try an style app to help me pick out my clothes.  I knew my wardrobe in Texas was a small portion of what I had at home, but it was a start.  So....I downloaded the "Stylebook" app on my iPhone and spent several hours taking photos of my clothes loading them into the app.  It was WORK and I must admit that if I had a job at that time, I know for a fact I would've given up after 5 mins.  I just didn't have anything else better to do with my spare time so I uploaded 31 items and 8 pairs of shoes to the app.  I used the app for most of May and maybe twice in June and I haven't looked at it since.  And I still haven't decided if I will switch to a capsule wardrobe.  I like the concept, but haven't actually done it.  After being home a couple of weeks, I tossed the shirts and pants I don't wear into a donation pile and dropped them off last week. I definitely think the Stylebook app would be helpful for someone who has a capsule wardrobe.  I believe it could help them match up items in their wardrobe to make an outfit that they might not have matched up otherwise.  To give you an idea of what the Stylebook app is capable of, I've taken a screenshot of a couple of outfits from May 2015.

Photo credit: JennyPennyAho (iPhone Screenshot)

Photo credit: JennyPennyAho (iPhone Screenshot)

As I said earlier, I gave up on the Stylebook app months ago. After a few days at my new job, I went back to my "elementary school days."  Do any of your remember when your mom made you choose your outfit the night before and hang it on the wooden hook in your room?  Well, folks, I still do that and it's worked out perfectly.  Actually, every Sunday afternoon or evening, I pick out the entire week's outfits and line them up on an empty rack in my walk-in closet.  It has saved me tons of time in the morning.  Today, I actually slept in for another 15 mins past my alarm and still managed to get out of the door on time because I didn't have to think about what I was wearing today.  I had it lined up in my closet ready to grab and put on and my jewelry was laid out on my dresser. It's not the greatest of photos, but I did take a selfie of my ootd and sent it to my sister and my Mom this afternoon.

9.16.15 #ootd 

Another bonus of having a business casual dress code is wearing jewelry again!   My costume and fine jewelry isn't collecting dust in my jewelry box anymore.  I was lucky if I wore one piece of jewelry a week when I spent time with girlfriends out at the movies, dinner or for Wine Club.

How do you plan your outfits for the week?  Do you use an style app?  I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. I have been struggling with this as well. I set aside a portion of my clothes to try a "capsule" wardrobe and I just felt like I was wearing the same things over and over. I do need to cut back on my clothes but I like to be able to pull out a few "wow" pieces occasionally and I love keeping up with trends, I felt limited by the capsule wardrobe. My goal is still to get back into a normal size closet though. lol.

    1. Like you I love having my "wow" pieces. I think I would struggle with a capsule wardrobe and unless I had the Stylebook app, I wouldn't create new outfits. Truthfully I don't think I would have paired the pink/black dress with the jean jacket until I saw them pictured next to one another in the the Stylebook app. I'm creative with crafts and projects, but clothing, I'm pretty cut and dry and I don't experiment mixing patterns and such. Thanks for stopping by JennyPennyAho. :)


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