Jenny's Top 5 Red Wines (Under $20) for Autumn

Photo Credit: JennyPennyAho
We're already one week into September and that means autumn is right around the corner. Pretty soon the aspens leaves will begin to change to gorgeous orange and yellow hues, there will be "pumpkin" everything and then the holidays will be upon us. Time flies, doesn't it?

Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the smell of autumn when the air is cool and crisp.  I especially love autumn because I can enjoy the warm, spicy taste of red wine. 

I thought this would be the perfect time to share my Top 5 Red Wines for Autumn so you can stock up your wine racks!

Mark West - Pinot Noir
Appellation California
Less than $15/bottle
My friend Tawyna introduced me to Mark West.  
It's my go-to Pinot Noir.  I always have it in my wine rack.

Photo Credit: JennyPennyAho

Red Rock Winery - Winemaker's Blend 
less than $10/bottle
When I lived in Las Vegas, my friend Carlie found this great winemaker's blend. Whenever we had a gathering, 
it typically made an appearance. Thanks Carlie!  
I already have it in my wine rack ready for fall! 

Photo Credit: JennyPennyAho

Jim Barry - The Lodge Hill Shiraz
Less than $20/bottle
I've only had this Shiraz once, but it was memorable. Our friends
Matt and Lindsey were about to  move to Alaska and we took them to a 
cute little french bistro (Marche Bacchus) in Las Vegas.  
Matt and I picked two bottles of wine and this one 
was fabulous!  It may be hard to find in stores, but I found it online
when I was verifying whether it was under $20. It's a must-try Shiraz!

Photo Credit: JennyPennyAho
Apothic Red - Winemaker's Blend
Less than $12/bottle
This beautifully labelled wine was given to me as a gift 
by my friend Sarah. I believe it was for my birthday or maybe
after I babysat her son (?).  Either way, it is a lovely 
red blend I always have it in my wine rack. 

Photo Credit: JennyPennyAho

Chateau Ste. Michelle - Cabernet Sauvignon
Columbia Valley
less than $15/bottle
I believe I first tried this at our Las Vegas Wine Club.  
It is my go-to Cabernet Sauvignon.  It has a wonderful 
taste and I realized I didn't have any in my wine rack so
 I will be picking up a bottle on my next trip to the store.

What better way to start off fall than to have great red wine stocked up and ready for your next gathering!  

I've mentioned Wine Club in my Screaming Snow Cone post and quite a bit in this post.  Some of you know what Wine Club is and others have never heard of it.  So please stay tuned for Jenny's Wine Club Essentials!