Wine Club Essentials

I couple weeks ago, my lovely friends Aimee and Maggie hosted Wine Club at Aimee's home.  Aimee choose Pinot Noir as the October Wine Club Wine (even though the October wine is listed as Zinfandel in the WC book).  I LOVE Pinot, so I RSVP'd the moment I received the Evite. October Wine Club was nice and cozy at Aimee's beautiful home in the mountains of Southern New Mexico.  The menu for the night was homemade pizza and pumpkin donuts with homemade whipped cream. I can't even begin to tell you how good the pizza tasted.  I named Maggie's kitchen: "Maggie's Pizza Shop"...and it is now my favorite pizza shop in Alamo.

While Maggie was rolling out the pizza dough and Aimee was serving up appetizers, I snapped a shot of the gorgeous NM sunset.  

Photo credit: JennyPennyAho (iPhone photo taken 10/3/15)

Now I'd like to provide you all with the list the essential items for hosting a successful Wine Club:

-The Wine Club Book (I mentioned this book in my Screaming Snow Cone blog post and you can buy it on amazon here.) Sometimes we don't follow the book and just pick one and assign regions, but if you're just starting a Wine Club, this is a great book to follow.

-Note taker:  We just to assign or ask one person tow rite the notes of each wine, but truthfully it was hard to keep up with.  So the girls in Alamo started using 8.5"x11" paper posted on the fridge, wall or just one the table for each person to write their "thoughts" about each wine

-Different colored pens: Everyone can write their own notes about each wine.  The color will signify who wrote it.

-Wine bottle covers: We used to wrap the bottles in aluminum foil and write the number with a sharpie.  But someone in Alamo, got a family member to sew some fabric bags for the wine bottles.  They circulate each month to whoever is hosting and we use chalk to write the number on fabric.  You can use a rubber band to secure the fabric bag at the neck of the bottle.

-Wine glasses: Good 'ol 12 pack of glasses and champagne flutes (for January Wine Club!) 

-Wine opener:  Old fashioned or electric

-Foil cutter:  This isn't required, but handy to have.  I like it because I am never good at cutting the foil off. This makes it so much easier.  If you buy an electric wine opener, it should come with one attached to it.  

-Decanter: My sister-in-law sent me this glass decanter & aerator (Soiree) to attach to the bottle for red wines.  When you pour the wine, you turn the bottle completely upside down and allow the wine to cover all sides of the glass ball.  This aerates/decants the wine, so you can drink it right away rather than waiting for it to "aerate" for 10-20 minutes.  Here is the one she bought me. I LOVE red wine, so I notice a difference when it's not decanted/aerated and I recommend anyone who drinks red wine to buy a decanter. 

-Wine charms: (Or chalkboard paint painted on the bottom of each glass).  If you've got six ladies over your house talking and drinking wine, it's easy to forget who's glass is who's.  So with the wine charms, they can choose a symbol or charm to signify it's their's. Or you can try the chalkboard paint!  My friend Aimee coated the bottom portion of the stem of each wine glass in chalkboard paint and provided white chalk for us to write our names. Read about how to make DIY chalkboard paint dipped wine glasses HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions about starting your own Wine Club!  I'd love to hear your comments.
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