Talkin' Tuesday: What Matters

Photo credit:  JennyPennyAho (October 2012, Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii)
Sorry I've been MIA.  This semester has been TIRING!  This is the first official semester I'm teaching on my own (10 hours a week) and I am co-teaching in lab for the another course (8 hours a week).   We're on week 5 of the 16 week semester and it finally feels like a normal pace again!  I've gotten proficient at grading assignments, keeping an open-line of communication with my students and following my lesson plans. I've been trying to work on new curriculum, but it's just been too crazy.  This week, I actually got to work on it and I hope to start dedicating at least 10 -15 hours per week to get it done.  I've got an update on the new course I developed all by my lonesome!  It was officially approved and is on the schedule for Fall 2016!  I'm beyond stoked and I know my nerves will kick in June and July, but it will all work out in the end.  I developed it, so I should know it like the back of my hand. Right?

Now that I've gotten my "work" updates out of the way I wanted to share with you an unexpected compliment I received today.  This morning in class, my co-worker did a presentation on "personal branding."  He asked the students to state one word that describes them and then write a short description of who they are.  I assisted him during the discussion and provided examples of how their previous jobs have molded them into the person they are and it can be applied to healthcare (team player, hardworking, motivated, caring, compassionate).   I informed them, they may not have been in healthcare before this course, but previous jobs can bring great value to their new position.

After class, my co-worker pulled me aside and said I was just about to email you!  I said, "Really?  What can I do for you?"   He said "I wanted to thank you for today and every day you help with class discussions.  AND I want you to know that I am completely inspired by you!  You are extremely motivated to get your job done and do what's best for everyone."  When I heard this, I was speechless and started to tear up.  I couldn't help it.  He continued to say, "Whenever I am feeling down, I come to talk to you and I always feel better after I leave your office."  Truthfully,  I had no idea I had any sort of impact on him and never really thought our "chats"  meant anything.  But, he proved that they do matter.

We all have it happen at some point or another, right?  Somedays are worse than others and sometimes we second-guess ourselves.  But today was a great day.  Today, I felt special because someone took two minutes to say thank you and compliment me.  And you know what?  I feel pretty darn awesome. I just wish everyone would do that once in awhile and maybe someone's bad day would get an ounce better because one person took the time to tell us we matter.

"What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains & is immortal."  -Albert Pine