Makers Gonna Make

Since late May, Seth and I have traveled quite a bit.  We explored Seattle and La Jolla and in the next couple months we will be traveling to Las Vegas, Albuquerque and in the fall I'll be heading to Kauai for a friends' wedding! 

One of the items I always have in my luggage are shoe bags.  My mom made some for me a few years ago.  Over the years, I've used them and even given some away leaving me with only one bag.  I have small feet (size 5.5, sometimes 6) and I use one bag for 2 pairs of sandals or 1 bag for a pair of heels. I finally decided with all the traveling that I will make a couple more, so I don't have to use the ones that came with my Cole Haan heels.

A "fat quarter" is a quilting term, which is a piece of fabric cut to: 22"L x 18"W . When making the shoe bag, you will fold it lengthwise to maximize the fabric.  My mom informed me it costs about $1 in a retail fabric store.  I went in search of some and I paid $3/each. I didn't mind paying more since: 1) it supports a local small business and 2) so I didn't have to drive over an hour to the next closest fabric store.

Note: I recommend measuring your shoes and determine if a fat quarter is appropriate for your shoes.  The length shouldn't be an issue as it is appropriate length for my husbands shoes (sz 10.5), but you could go up to 21"W.  In that case, a fat quarter would not be appropriate and you would just have to choose a fabric and get it cut at the store.

I took measurements of my "fat quarters" when I arrived home and found they weren't the same size.  Since my feet are small, I decided it would work just fine especially after placing them on the fabric. 
22.25" L X 18"W (teal fabric)
(Both are folded in half lengthwise)

Fits a pair of high heels with extra room to spare.

22" L X 19.25" W (green/blue fabric)

Fits 2 pairs of sandals. 
Since I don't have a serger to finish the edges quickly and easily, I started by folding the edges under and then once more to create a rolled hem.  It helps to press it with an iron, but I didn't feel the need to do this, so I just folded as I went.  I decided it was best to use a rolled edge hem to prevent loose threads from getting tangled inside the bag.   

Rolled hem (fold once and then once more to create this hem). 

Once I sewed the decorative stitch on three sides, I folded it lengthwise with the fabric design on the outside.   Then I sewed a straight stitch just below the decorative stitch on the long side and one short side of the bag, leaving the top open.  

Teal bag with decorative stitch and straight stitch.
Green/Blue bag with zig-zag stitch and straight stitch.
Here are the finished products!   The teal bag looks slightly smaller because the fat quarter was a tad bit smaller than the blue/green fabric.  The blue/green bag has my 2 pairs of sandals in it and the teal bag has the black high heels in it (as seen in previous pictures).

Lastly, I put my hand on the bag to show you how much room is left in the bag.  So if you have bigger feet than me (which most people do), the fat quarter should be big enough to fit your shoes. FYI:  Since my shoes are small, I typically fold the extra fabric under the shoe bags when placing in my luggage.  

Sandals in shoe bag with plenty of room to fold the bag when placing in luggage. 
Happy Friday!