Burning Off My Crazy

My husband has told me on multiple occasions when I'm acting crazy.  We all do it, we overreact and our emotions take over.  And for ladies, the crazy level goes up a notch or two a few days out of the month. Am I right, ladies and gents?

This past fall and winter, I stayed busy doing household chores, caring for my husband and shuttling him to physical therapy and other appointments four days a week.  It felt like a full time job. To top it off, it rained constantly.  All of the gloominess, stress and hormones got to me and I wasn't in the mood, nor was I motivated to do anything productive at the end of the day. I would consider it a good day if I managed to go for a quick run.  But, to be honest, most nights, it was 10pm by the time I realized I should shower and do it all over again the next day.

Nine weeks ago, the never-ending appointments came to a halt, along with the stress of constantly running here and there.  But my hormones still ran wild several days a month.  So one evening, when I started a rant over something stupid,  my husband looked at me and said: "Why don't you go burn off some crazy?"  So I took his advice and went for a run.

Unfortunately, my BFF and I don't live in the same zip code anymore, so I no longer get texts asking if I want to go for a run with the dogs or go to body pump. I browse social media throughout the day and found myself searching for hashtags related to running and fitness. Before I knew it, my Instagram feed was filled with runners and fitness people.  Some examples of the posts I saw are: "A short run is better than no run" or this:
Photo credit: @runfastermommy on Instagram

I've always considered myself a visual person, so seeing quotes and funny images of my favorite character from Despicable Me got me out the door to run. Another app that helped motivate me was my Nike+ running app.  I use this app to record my distance and time using GPS.  Using the Nike+ app I searched for and added friends, then their weekly mileage appeared on my home screen.  Gotta love friendly competition! If that wasn't a motivator to run more miles, I don't know what was!  :)

Today, marks eight weeks and I look forward to pushing the "begin run" button on my phone. I have literally made it a habit -- a healthy one, but none the less a habit.  The added bonus is my clothes fit better, my energy has increased and burning off my CrAzY isn't half bad either.  

Pretty darn obvious which day I burned off more crazy, isn't it?

What's your healthy 'habit' to burn off your crazy? 
What motivates you to work out?

*The opinions in this blog are my own and I am not paid to endorse any of the above mentioned apps.